Mandy Bohm emerges victorious in peculiar UFC Charlotte bout, marred by two illegal strikes leading to point deductions

Mandy Bohm emerged victorious at UFC Charlotte after a fight that will be remembered for its unusual and bizarre moments. Referee Larry Carter had to deduct a point from Ji Yeon Kim after she kicked Bohm at the end of the round. This came well after the horn sounded, leading to the point deduction and leaving Kim at a disadvantage.

Despite a strong start, Kim became more aggressive in the third round, knowing that the point deduction could cost her the win. Pushing Bohm to the cage, she looked to land strikes. Unfortunately, Bohm ended up with her head down and a hand on the canvas, making her a grounded fighter. Kim then threw a knee that connected on Bohm’s head, forcing the referee to pause the fight once again due to another illegal strike.

Replays indicated that Bohm had her hand down when the knee struck her, and she was visibly hurt. The ringside physician attended to her, but she complained about not being able to see properly after the illegal knee.

The fight was waived off, with another point taken away from Kim for the illegal knee strike. After consulting the replays, the referee announced that the knee was unintentional, allowing the judges to hand out scorecards.

Bohm won the fight by split decision following two point deductions for Ji Yeon Kim, one for a kick and one for an illegal knee strike. The final scorecards had two judges scoring 28-27 for Bohm, while the third judge scored 28-27 for Kim.

Undoubtedly, this was one of the oddest fights in recent UFC history, with the illegal strikes and point deductions making it a one-of-a-kind experience. Despite the unusual nature of the fight, Bohm emerged victorious, while Kim suffered her fifth consecutive defeat.

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