The UFC achieved its ‘highest-grossing commercial PPV’ in the last 12 months thanks to the comeback of Jon Jones

The UFC’s investment in Jon Jones’ much-anticipated comeback has proven to be a wise move. Jones’ victory in the heavyweight division was a major contributing factor to the success of UFC 285, which became the top-selling event for the promotion in the past year.

Although the pay-per-view’s total sales figures were not released, the UFC’s parent company, Endeavor, announced during its first-quarter 2023 results report that UFC 285 was a record-breaking card for the past year, along with some other impressive achievements.

Endeavor CFO Jason Lublin highlighted the UFC’s ongoing success during an investor call on Tuesday, stating, “At UFC, we continued to deliver more record-breaking events across the globe. UFC 284 in Perth was the highest-grossing event of any kind in Australia, while UFC 285 in Las Vegas was the UFC’s highest-grossing commercial pay-per-view event in the past 12 months.

Additionally, UFC 286 in London set a new record for the highest-grossing event in the history of the O2 Arena.”


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