Conor McGregor sets sights on breaking UFC knockout record held by Matt Brown; Brown reacts to challenge

Conor McGregor has his eyes set on breaking the UFC record for most knockouts, which he shares with Matt Brown and Derrick Lewis. Brown recently tied the record at UFC Charlotte with a stunning first-round finish of Court McGee. However, McGregor is determined to claim the title for himself and tweeted about it, stating his 8 knockouts so far and his intention to break the record.

McGregor faces a tough challenge as he has only scored one knockout since 2016, while Brown has been a consistent presence in the UFC over the last 15 years. Brown responded to McGregor’s with a simple challenge to fight for it. He also jokingly called out Derrick Lewis for a winner-takes-all battle for the record. It remains to be seen who will come out on top and end their career with possession of the UFC knockout record.


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