Cedric Doumbe, the fighter, elucidates his decision not to compete for UFC and confirms that the PFL agreement was substantially superior

Cédric Doumbé, a well-known GLORY Kickboxing champion, shares details on his missed opportunity of competing in the UFC. Doumbé was supposed to fight Darian Weeks at UFC Paris, but due to a medical test doctor’s error, his MRI results showed that he had blood in his brain, which prevented him from performing. Despite his efforts to prove to the UFC that he was cleared to fight by three different physicians, the promotion still let him go.

In addition to Doumbé’s ineligibility, French regulations disallowed him from fighting an overwhelmingly more experienced opponent. Though disappointed about the missed opportunity, Doumbé shared that he has since received a better offer from the Professional Fighters League (PFL), with a contract that is worth ten times more than his previous offer from the UFC.

“I’m very happy with my contract right now. I will show a great Cédric Doumbé for France, for Cameroon, for Africa in the PFL,” he said. Come June 23, Doumbé is set to make his debut in Atlanta against Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi. While he speaks confidently, he knows he must prove himself not just as a confident competitor but also as a smart investment for the PFL.


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