Francis Ngannou

Industry experts weigh in on Francis Ngannou’s groundbreaking signing with PFL, marking the largest deal in MMA history

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has recently announced his decision to join Professional Fighters League (PFL) and fight in the superfight pay-per-view division. His move includes a profit stake and leadership roles in the PFL promotion. Ngannou will serve as the PFL Africa Chairman and represent athletes’ participation in the PFL advisory board.

The athletes who fight in the PFL have the chance to win remarkably generous payouts. While there is much excitement within the community about Ngannou’s decision, given that he turned down opportunities to fight Jon Jones, the pros’ reactions have been mixed. Some praised Ngannou, while others were curious about how much money he received for the agreement and whom Ngannou will fight next.

The PFL is a league being hailed as the first of its kind; it offers fighter contracts worth more than one million dollars. The league has attracted fighters from all over the world, and fans eagerly began speculating about future fights. Some fighters have already called out Ngannou, including Big Ben Rothwell and Natan Levy, creating anticipation for what lies ahead.

Ngannou’s decision to sign with PFL presents significant implications for the sport. Many tout his announcement as life-changing for all fighters. Although some experts question the close association between Ngannou and the PFL as being aligned too closely, others view it as an opportunity for fighters, and the PFL could push other promotions to offer better compensation for their fighters. Regardless of opinions and speculations, Ngannou’s move to PFL and taking on new leadership roles is an exciting development for the fight community.


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