Joe Fournier accuses KSI of using deliberate and unsportsmanlike strategies during their boxing bout

The Misfits Boxing 7 card in London ended controversially as KSI defeated Joe Fournier with a knockout win, despite an illegal elbow ending the bout. Fournier claims that KSI intentionally struck him with the elbow and that there was a Muay Thai move involved and that the win shouldn’t be celebrated or viewed as legitimate. The PBA will make a decision on the matter no later than May 19th and Fournier is hopeful that it will be overturned to a disqualification instead of a no contest.

KSI has expressed disappointment and acknowledged his unintentional contact with Fournier, hoping that the win isn’t “tarnished.” However, Fournier feels disrespected and brushed aside by the post-match faceoff between KSI and Tommy Fury and hopes for an apology and a rematch. Fournier sees this as a chance to bring “elbow-gate” to justice and have the loss removed from his record.


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