Matt Brown challenges Conor McGregor to break his knockout record, yet questions McGregor’s future fights

Matt Brown caught the attention of Conor McGregor when he tied the all-time record for UFC knockouts with a one-punch finish of Court McGee at UFC Charlotte. McGregor about Brown’s achievement and announced his intention to break the record with his eight KO’s currently at 34 years of age. In response, Brown offered to fight McGregor for the record on social media.

Brown revealed that he would entertain a match with McGregor despite not actively pursuing it. However, the fighter expressed skepticism about whether McGregor would ever compete in the sport again, given his lack of re-entry into the UFC’s anti-doping program.

Brown thinks that McGregor’s recent chatter about fighting again is more about keeping himself in the spotlight and relevant rather than making a serious push to return to the action.

Even so, Brown would be happy to fight McGregor and is willing to compete outside of drug-testing guidelines so long as McGregor does not have a competitive advantage over him. He believes that contacting McGregor for the matchup is ultimately up to him, given his status as the “A” side in the potential match.

Brown’s style of fighting is ideal for a high-action contest, with his remarkable record of 13 knockouts and 15 total finishes in the welterweight division, making him a worthy opponent for McGregor.

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