Champion Daniel Cormier Francis Ngannou

Champion Daniel Cormier praises Francis Ngannou for elevating MMA and making it more authentic

Francis Ngannou has signed an “exclusive global MMA strategic partnership” with PFL after being dissatisfied with the offers made by other promoters during his five-month free agency period. He relinquished his then-UFC heavyweight title earlier this year. Daniel Cormier believes Ngannou has set the standard for free agents and his deal will benefit his opponents as well as himself, with his opponents being paid similar amounts to fight as Ngannou himself.

Ngannou’s deal includes being an equity owner and the PFL Africa chairman, as well as being a member of the promotion’s global athlete advisory board. Ngannou will compete in PFL’s new pay-per-view “super fight division” instead of the traditional seasonal tournament format. He will make his debut in 2024, after he has taken part in his 2023 professional boxing debut.

Cormier believes Ngannou’s standards and goals are difficult to match and that the PFL stacking its roster to find the perfect first dance partner for Ngannou will create interest and eliminate any fears of only easy fights being in his future. Cormier also thinks that Ngannou’s opponents will be able to earn millions of dollars by fighting him and she has a stipulation in his contract guarantees his opponents’ pay increase.


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