Francis Ngannou to Dana White

Francis Ngannou is content with the outcome; there’s no reason to be upset his response to Dana White shows satisfaction

Francis Ngannou has signed a highly lucrative “strategic partnership” deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). The contract has ended one of the most high-profile free agency periods in Mixed Martial Arts history. Ngannou has stated that he is unlikely to ever return to the UFC, although he doesn’t bear any ill will towards the organisation.

In addition to a few fight terms, the new partnership covers various non-fight elements, including equity in the PFL, and Ngannou’s new role as chairman of PFL Africa. Although “The Predator” is no longer in the UFC, his split from the company was not without controversy. Following his successful heavyweight title defence against Ciryl Gane at UFC 270, Ngannou fulfilled his contract obligations with the UFC.

When the company failed to sign him to a new contract, it led to a public spat with Dana White, who claimed Ngannou will never return to the UFC. In contrast, White warmly welcomed superstar Nate Diaz back to the company after he too fought out his contract.

Ngannou has stated that he didn’t like how things played out with the UFC, and he felt like he didn’t belong. Before his fight with Gane, he met with White to discuss his feelings. White told Ngannou that UFC wanted him, but he needed to change his team.

Ngannou disagreed, however, he said the conversation ended on good terms. Despite admitting he doesn’t know why he is different from Diaz, Ngannou does not bear any ill will towards White or the UFC. Now a PFL fighter, Ngannou is still pursuing his dream of a boxing match with a major name in the sport. His PFL debut is expected in 2024, and while he doesn’t rule out ever returning to the UFC, it seems highly unlikely.

Nevertheless, Ngannou remains respectful of the UFC and thankful for all it had done for him, saying, “I appreciate them. I’m obligated to do what is good for me, and I’m sorry if what is good for me is bad for somebody. As long as I don’t personally hurt you, I’m just doing what is good for me. The rest, I don’t care. Everything has worked out very well for me, so I’m good.”


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