Colby Covington advises Aljamain Sterling to silence haters as the best form of revenge

Colby Covington, a UFC fighter expected to challenge for the welterweight title later this year, recently praised UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling for the impressive run he has been on. Sterling recently became the first fighter in the division’s history to defend the title three consecutive times. Despite facing negativity from fans, Covington advises Sterling to keep pushing forward and proving his haters wrong.

According to Covington, success is the best revenge and Sterling should focus on his accomplishments so far and how his bank account looks, rather than worrying about his critics.

However, Covington was less open to giving advice to Henry Cejudo, whom Sterling defeated earlier this month to retain his championship. Covington claimed that Cejudo has been mimicking him and imitating his every move. Despite being seen as a form of flattery, Covington would not be as forthcoming with advice to Cejudo as he would to Sterling.


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