PFL CEO Peter Murray hails Francis Ngannou’s MMA signing as the “most financially rewarding” agreement, emphasizing PFL’s hands-off approach to his boxing endeavors

Francis Ngannou concluded his period of unrestricted agency by putting pen to paper on his groundbreaking agreement with PFL. This contract not only ensures him a multimillion-dollar payday but also presents advantages that the UFC couldn’t match.

Aside from his fight earnings, Ngannou has successfully secured a minimum of $2 million for his opponents. Additionally, he has acquired equity in the organization, taken on the role of athlete advocate on the PFL board of directors, and assumed the position of PFL Africa’s chairman.

This pioneering deal sets a new standard in the world of MMA, and PFL CEO Peter Murray affirms that the risks taken were justified by the rewards reaped.

Murray declined to disclose the specifics of the financial arrangement, he confirmed that Ngannou is now the highest-paid fighter in the sport based on disclosed earnings. With the potential for pay-per-view bonuses and revenue sharing, his compensation could potentially rise even further.

Murray emphasized, “This is the most significant signing by an athlete in the history of MMA. It represents a transformative and highly lucrative deal for both the sport and PFL. It’s a long-term, strategic partnership encompassing multiple fights.”

Ngannou’s agreement grants him the freedom to secure his own sponsors and pursue a career in boxing. He aspires to eventually challenge renowned heavyweight champions such as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

While serving as Ngannou’s exclusive MMA home, PFL ensures that the 36-year-old fighter from Cameroon retains full control over his boxing career. The organization will not act as his promoter, allowing Ngannou to negotiate his own deals in the pursuit of his boxing ambitions.


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