BKFC President David Feldman is optimistic that Mike Perry will agree to the new contract proposal, as he believes that fighting is Perry’s true passion

Bare-knuckle fighter Mike Perry has emerged as a top name in the sport after beating Bellator star Michael Page and ex-UFC champion Luke Rockhold in his last two fights. Now that Perry’s original three-fight deal has been fulfilled, the 31-year-old is in an ideal position to sign a lucrative contract, especially following a viral altercation with Conor McGregor after his win over Rockhold.

Although negotiations are ongoing, BKFC president David Feldman has made it clear that signing Perry is a priority for the promotion, and that he is confident the two parties will eventually come to an agreement.

Feldman has praised Perry for personifying everything the sport stands for, saying that he sells himself well and has become a well-recognized superstar. Perry’s time at UFC saw him gain some recognition, but it is his performances since joining BKFC that have really put him on the map.

Feldman is excited about the prospect of Perry continuing to fight and put on memorable battles against other notable names across combat sports. This is why bringing him back on a new multi-fight deal is so important.

Despite the potential for Perry to return to MMA, Feldman doesn’t believe this would be the best move for him. He is not a ground guy and is better suited to bare-knuckle fighting, where he can showcase his skills and build his profile as a superstar in the sport.

Feldman has formed a good relationship with Perry and would be disappointed if Perry decided to leave BKFC, but he acknowledges that it is a possibility. Nonetheless, Feldman feels there is more to come from Perry and that the story between him and BKFC has only just begun.


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