Tyson Fury issues a challenge to Jon Jones for a boxing match, asserting his superiority in the sport

In response to Jon Jones’ challenge for a fight, Tyson Fury has thrown down the gauntlet, but only on his terms. Fury criticized UFC commentator Joe Rogan for suggesting that Jones would defeat Fury if both boxers were in a locked room together. Jones answered back with a challenge of his own, urging Fury to fight him in the octagon and to contact UFC president Dana White to arrange it. However, Fury countered with his own challenge via Instagram, but not for the octagon.

“I’ve noted that Jon Jones has expressed interest,” Fury said. “But, Jon, let me remind you, I’m a boxer, not a cage fighter. I’m, in fact, the best boxer. If you want to come to the boxing ring and face me, you’re more than welcome. But contact me, not anyone else, because it’s my game.”

Jones is expected to defend his UFC heavyweight title against former champ Stipe Miocic later in the year, while Fury is currently looking for a worthy opponent. Although Fury has teased a potential boxing matchup with Francis Ngannou, former UFC champion and recent PFL signee. Fury gave Jones due respect for his impressive MMA career but suggested that a boxing match between the two would not be favorable for Jones.

In summary, Fury declined Jones’ invitation to the octagon and invited him to a boxing match instead, providing a reminder of the differences between the two sports and putting the ball in Jones’ court. Fury left it to Jones to decide where he wants to fight, acknowledging his impressive MMA career but suggesting a boxing matchup with the WBC heavyweight champion would be a tough challenge.


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