Conor McGregor expresses happiness for Francis Ngannou, yet laments insufficiency of opponents in PFL

Conor McGregor expressed his thoughts on Francis Ngannou’s move to PFL while speaking with Ariel Helwani, stating that he still thinks the fighter should have worked out a resolution with the UFC. While he congratulated Ngannou on his new contract, McGregor expressed his concerns about the lack of marquee competition in the PFL.

Despite the deal guaranteeing Ngannou a $2 million purse for his potential opponents, McGregor remained unimpressed with the lack of buzz surrounding the announcement. Furthermore, McGregor believes that Fury vs Ngannou is not a realistic fight, as there are several other better options available to the boxers.

McGregor, who is set to battle Michael Chandler this year, praised Ngannou’s training and physical therapy rehabilitation but couldn’t find a matchup that would capture the attention of the general public.

In conclusion, while McGregor expressed his happiness at Ngannou’s post-UFC success, he believes that the fighter could have stayed with the UFC and found more high-profile matchups. Despite Ngannou’s new deal with the PFL, McGregor thinks there are better fights available for him and Fury in the highly competitive heavyweight division.


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