BKFC’s head hints at their next significant event slated for September, vowing not to disappoint their fans again

BKFC, the leading bare-knuckle fighting promotion, has announced it is targeting September for its next major card after a successful event in Denver. Following a card that saw Mike Perry defeat ex-UFC champion Luke Rockhold and a brawl between Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes, UFC superstar Conor McGregor also attended the event.

BKFC president David Feldman is keen to build on the momentum and has been in talks about a potential television deal that would bring the promotion to a wider audience. While BKFC 41 may have been a watershed moment for the promotion, Feldman is determined to deliver another card that will have the whole combat sports world buzzing.

Feldman is working on securing new names to mix in with the current roster and is looking to possibly tackle a new state at the same time. According to Feldman, the upcoming event will have four superfights and be stacked from top to bottom. Ultimately, he believes that this upcoming event in September will be the biggest and most-watched event BKFC has ever done.


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