Dustin Poirier versus Justin Gaethje

Dana White reveals the backstory of how Dustin Poirier versus Justin Gaethje 2 transitioned into a BMF title fight

The upcoming rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje has been confirmed for the main event of July’s UFC 291 card, and according to UFC President Dana White, it perfectly symbolizes the BMF title. White disclosed that the idea to put the coveted title on the line was conceived during a matchmaking meeting, which he described as being “war rooms.”

Further emphasizing the caliber of the fight, White stated that the UFC’s Tuesday meetings are spent assembling the upcoming cards, and when they were drafting Utah’s fight card, the Poirier-Gaethje bout stood out as a spectacular match-up, hence, the decision to put forth the BMF title stakes.

The first, and only time, the BMF belt was contested was in the UFC 244 main event in November 2019, a fight that saw Jorge Masvidal emerge victorious over Nate Diaz after a doctor’s stoppage TKO at Madison Square Garden. However, due to Masvidal’s retirement, the belt will now regain prominence, and whether it will continue being sporadically contested or will become a recurring prize for the promotion remains to be seen.

Dana White, addressing the hype and excitement surrounding the BMF title, shared that many UFC fighters are eager to compete for this belt, believing it to be a fun and distinct addition to the promotion. Expressing how crucial it is to match the right fighters for the title fight, White assured that Poirier and Gaethje are the correct fighters for the job.

Therefore, regardless of whether the BMF title is in the picture or not, the Poirier-Gaethje fight is a must-watch event that everyone anticipates. Everyone wants the belt, so why not?


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