Belal Muhammad claims Colby Covington is becoming anxious about losing his title shot

Belal Muhammad, fresh off his victory over Gilbert Burns at UFC 288, was quick to respond to Colby Covington’s criticisms of his performance. Covington, who hasn’t fought in over a year, is scheduled to compete against the current UFC welterweight champion, Leon Edwards, later this year. However, Muhammad believes that Covington is afraid that UFC President Dana White might change his mind about the number one contender if Edwards opts to fight in Abu Dhabi.

Muhammad suggested that Covington was desperate for attention, after winning against the number 12th ranked fighter in the world. He pointed out that his ten-fight winning streak, three-week notice acceptance, and victory against the fifth-ranked fighter is a stronger argument for a title shot than Covington’s. Despite his repeated requests to fight Covington, Muhammad’s requests have been denied, including his request for UFC 288.

Muhammad thinks the UFC’s planned return to Abu Dhabi in October could work to his advantage since he would be a more popular draw, and this would explain why Covington will not stop talking about him. Muhammad believes that Covington should not get the title shot since he would be “the worst champion you’ve ever had,” but is happy to fight either Covington or Edwards.

Muhammad is confident about his fighting abilities and has said that his victory against Burns after a three-week notice shows that he continuously works to be a champion. Regardless of who he fights, he is determined to show that he is a top fighter and will give his best performance.


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