Sean O’Malley remains unfazed by Aljamain Sterling’s injury setbacks before UFC 292, citing discipline as the key

Bantamweight fighter Sean O’Malley opines that Aljamain Sterling has enough time to prepare for their fight at UFC 292 if he makes good use of his time between his recent bout with Henry Cejudo and the event in Boston. O’Malley will compete with Sterling for the title in August, with Sterling agreeing to the matchup, but with concerns about some lingering injuries from his recent match. He expressed a desire to ensure that these did not impact his training regimen.

O’Malley acknowledges that Sterling’s recent fight might raise some concerns, but he believes that with the right plan, making it to August should be possible. O’Malley cites Israel Adesanya, who fought four times in 12 months, and notes that there are four months until their fight, which gives Sterling enough time to take two months off to recover and then train for the remaining two months.

Sterling suggested moving the bout to UFC 290 in July but O’Malley declined, preferring to stick with the originally scheduled date. UFC President Dana White also weighed in on Sterling, claiming that the champion “can’t get out of his own way,” which prompted a response from Sterling.

O’Malley finds Sterling’s approach puzzling, clarifying that the UFC scheduled the date for the fight. Additionally, he denies having any real influence on the date and defers to the decision made by Uncle Dana.


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