While pleased for Francis Ngannou, Matt Brown believes that the future looks uncertain for PFL’s enduring triumph

Francis Ngannou’s move to the PFL from the UFC appears to have worked out well for him, with the heavyweight champion agreeing to a lucrative deal that allows him greater autonomy over his future crossover fights in boxing. However, the UFC’s President Dana White criticised the deal, and warned of the PFL’s business strategy and the likelihood of history repeating itself with yet another failed rival company.

Experts such as veteran fighter Matt Brown have praised Ngannou for his betting on himself and his ability to secure what appears to be a generous deal, while also acknowledging the inherent risks that the PFL is taking by making such a massive investment in arguably the sports’ most volatile and unpredictable division.

The PFL is taking a big gamble on Ngannou, who has not been considered to be a major draw and is entering a highly competitive market of MMA promotions. While all involved hope that the PFL’s investment pays off, only time will tell if the promotion can achieve what so many other failed MMA organizations could not: compete with and ultimately topple the UFC.


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