Dana White asserts that he’d facilitate a UFC bout between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury if Fury truly desires it

UFC President Dana White warmly embraced Tyson Fury as he enters the world of UFC, despite the recent online feud between Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones. The feud began when podcaster and UFC commentator Joe Rogan suggested that Jones would easily defeat Fury, prompting Fury to call Rogan a “little to claim that he could beat Jones. Jones retaliated and the two fighters have exchanged jabs ever since. White, however, supported Jones as the “baddest dude on the planet,” and dismissed the spun news articles, citing them as mere clickbait.

Rogan went on to suggest that if Fury was serious about fighting Jones, he was willing to make it happen and urged Fury to let him know. Fury has become a popular target among mixed martial arts circles, and several fighters, including former UFC champions, have expressed an interest in fighting him. Regardless, White predicted that the best way to settle the spat between Fury and Jones was to make it happen.


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