PFL’s Donn Davis expressed satisfaction with Francis Ngannou’s deal; UFC’s move was purely business-oriented

The PFL, known for its tournament-based seasons and $1 million prize for yearly winners, has been a hot spot for fighters looking for opportunity since its rebranding from WSOF in 2018. The promotion plans to expand with other avenues, including pay-per-view events, and is excited about its newest addition, superstar fighter and businessman Francis Ngannou.

Ngannou, who parted ways with the UFC earlier this year, desires more combat sports freedoms and sees PFL as the perfect fit for him. The move is viewed as a win for everyone involved, and fighters exploring free agency now have more options than ever before. As for Ngannou’s contract, as a fighter he is contracted to three fights in two years, while his contractual obligations outside of the cage are “forever.”

While no opponent has been specified yet for Ngannou’s PFL debut in 2024, the promotion promises it will be a must-see fight. PFL Founder Donn Davis is optimistic about the promotion’s growth and believes that fighters have a bright future with platforms like PFL and UFC to choose from.


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