The setting of Cain Velasquez’s trial date for attempted murder has been postponed until August

Cain Velasquez, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has secured another delay for his trial date setting regarding attempted murder charges in Santa Clara County, California. On Wednesday, Judge Panteha Saban pressed the pause button on proceedings, granting the delay request made by Velasquez’s lawyer Renee Hessling while also taking into account the views of the prosecution. The new hearing has been scheduled for August 2, marking the third extension of the trial date.

The 40-year old fighter’s retirement following the incident did not protect him from being charged with multiple indictments when he allegedly sped after a car carrying Harry Goularte, a person who accused Velasquez’s son of molestation. Goularte was being pursued by Velasquez with a .40-caliber handgun allegedly being discharged several times during an 11-mile chase. Unfortunately, Goularte’s stepfather, Paul Bender, was hit by one of the bullets and injured as a result of the attack, although it was reported as being non-life-threatening.

In February 2020, Velasquez was arrested without incident and accused of attempting premeditated murder. For eight months he was kept behind bars until a $1 million bond was granted for his release in November 2020 by Judge Arthur Bocanegra, after repeated bail denial requests. Since the bond release, Velasquez has been granted permission to attend charity events and wrestling matches. However, life in prison is a potential punishment for Velasquez if he pleads guilty to all charges.

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