According to Sean O’Malley’s coach, UFC is favoring O’Malley to defeat Aljamain Sterling and they are strategic in making this decision

According to Sean O’Malley’s coach, Tim Welch, the UFC is firmly behind O’Malley in his upcoming bantamweight title fight against Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292 in August. While some have speculated that the UFC secretly wants O’Malley to dethrone Sterling, Welch says he believes it’s no secret at all. O’Malley’s status as a big superstar and KO artist ensures the UFC will do everything it can to see him succeed as champion.

However, defeating Sterling won’t be an easy task. The undefeated “Funk Master” is a dangerous opponent who recently set the record for most consecutive bantamweight title defenses. Welch himself has even called Sterling the “most dangerous bantamweight champion there’s ever been.” Sterling’s strength both physically and in jiu-jitsu make him difficult to prepare for, and Welch has identified certain strategies needed to overcome him.

Despite Sterling’s strengths, Welch and O’Malley remain undeterred and confident in their ability to prepare for the fight. They have a plan in place and are training hard to be ready for whatever Sterling throws their way. While Sterling may make mistakes, he is still a formidable opponent, and O’Malley will have to bring his A-game to come out on top.

The fight is set to take place less than three months from now at TD Gardens in Boston on Aug. 19. Welch is confident that O’Malley’s quick reflexes and striking skills will be enough to put Sterling to sleep. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the UFC will be watching closely to see if their investment in O’Malley pays off.


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