Boxer Tyson Fury declined a potential MMA fight against Jon Jones, emphasizing his strength is in boxing and not grappling

Should boxing star Tyson Fury and UFC champion Jon Jones ever clash in the ring, Fury has made clear that he won’t be considering mixed martial arts rules. Despite the fighters agreeing they would like to face off against each other, they hold differing opinions on the bout’s format. Fury, who at present holds the WBC and The Ring titles, has dismissed the possibility of stepping into the octagon, prompting UFC President Dana White to say he could potentially set up a Fury-Jones contest under MMA rules.

Fury reiterated that he would only fight Jones under boxing conditions and is not interested in grappling, pledging, “I don’t roll round the floor, I stand up and punch,”. Fury has reportedly worked on basic MMA techniques with former UFC contender Darren Till, but has always been clear that he would prefer to take on opponent Francis Ngannou under boxing rules. In his most recent fight, Fury defeated Derek Chisora via 10th-round TKO to retain his WBC title. Jones is still awaiting confirmation of his first heavyweight title defense, having discussed a match-up with Stipe Miocic.


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