Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn revealed that Katie Taylor was “devastated” after her loss to Chantelle Cameron

Last weekend, Chantelle Cameron demonstrated her potential as the next leading female boxer. Eddie Hear, Matchroom Boxing’s promoter, shared his thoughts on Katie Taylor’s loss to Cameron, acknowledging it as a significant moment in her career. Hearn recounted Taylor’s reaction to her defeat and their post-fight conversation. Taylor had lost a majority decision to Cameron, the undisputed super lightweight champion, in her attempt to win titles in another weight class.

Hearn tried to encourage Taylor by telling her that this could be the start of the most exciting chapter of her career. However, Taylor admitted it felt like a bad dream. Hearn reassured Taylor that the pain she was feeling would be useful motivation leading up to her next fight. Hearn emphasized that as long as the pain continued to eat at her, she should not even consider retiring.

Hearn is confident that Taylor will come back stronger with the support of her team, despite the setback. While the next few days will be difficult, and Taylor will be extremely unhappy with the loss, Hearn believes that Taylor’s faith will keep her grounded.

According to Hearn, Taylor is not one to back down from challenges, which leaves the possibility of a rematch. The potential for redemption is not lost on Taylor, who told Hearn that they would win the rematch. Hearn shared his support, and is looking forward to an epic rematch.


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