Max Holloway vs Frankie Edgar set to headline UFC 240 from Alberta, Canada

UFC has officially announced Blessed vs The Answer for the featherweight title to take place on July 27th, 2019 from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Not many are excited to see Frankie Edgar fight for the title, as Frankie has only fought 3 times in the last three years and only has a one fight win streak over Cub Swanson via decision.

Most fans feel Alexander Volkanovski on a whooping 17 fight win streak was more deserving of the title shot, however, Frankie feels otherwise.
Frankie stated he thinks the fight makes complete sense since the two were previously scheduled to fight twice and due to injuries in either camp the fight never came to realization; and moreover, UFC favors fighters who step inside the octagon each time to leave everything inside and Frankie feels he’s always done that and that’s why UFC has rewarded him with the title shot.

Frankie also said, he believes Alexander Volkanovski is a complete stud and definitely deserves the top spot, and that his time will come.

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