Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva issues second statement post UFC 237, this time asking his fans: ‘Stop or continue?’

After losing yet another fight at UFC 237 in Brazil, Anderson Silva first released a statement adamant on continuing his journey inside the octagon.

However, four days later, Anderson Silva releases another statement on his Instagram in his native language of Portuguese, this time asking his fans whether he should continue his MMA journey or hang up the gloves.

Below is his post from Instagram and translation in English:

“Stop or continue?”
”Over the last four days, after another mission that wasn’t successful, I’m questioning if I should or shouldn’t continue training, dedicating, overcoming injuries, pain, etc. I ask myself, ‘Is the love that I feel for the sport consuming my mind and my body to the point that I can no longer continue?’

”Everything I’ve always done was be a good soldier in the battle field, the most well-trained, the most disciplined, and ready to die for my mission because my love for the job has always spoken louder. I’m sure that I can still do that 1,000 times more, but the last four days with pain and uncertainty, things that aren’t new in my routine, are consuming me more than before.”
”My heart and mind of a warrior get confused to a point that creates doubts. On one side I realize I’m not and don’t have to be perfect, and how much this search (for perfection) has brought me good and bad things over the years.
”Always remember that your failures are always the best teachers, and it’s during hard moments that people need to find a reason to continue moving forward. Our actions, especially when we have to overcome ourselves, makes us better people. Our capacity to resist and continue going is what makes us special people.”

Anderson ‘Spider’ Silva via Instagram (translated from Portuguese to English)

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