Colby Covington vs Kamaru Usman is next 100%, “I’ve been told”, says Dan Lambert

Dan Lambert owner of American Top Team and also Colby Covington’s manager says he has been told Colby vs. Kamaru Usman is next, no matter what!

Lambert told

“I’ve been told the fight is going to happen 100 percent. Just depends on Usman,” . “I know after his fight against Woodley he needed surgery. I was told it would be soon but now told it may be a little while longer. They are waiting for Usman on a date. Colby is ready to fight and waiting to fight.”
“Colby has never been out of training other than a few week window when he had surgery. He has been ready to fight since then. So the theory of Colby not wanting to fight is kind of bullshit.” “He got passed over ever since. Colby wants to fight so he was hoping for June or July but that doesn’t seem likely. Then we were hoping for August but that card filled up rather quickly.”
“I don’t know if it would have been bigger than T-Wood”. “I think that would have been the best fight for the UFC to do. There is a lot of heat between him and the UFC. It is legit, not manufactured. Those two guys genuinely hate each other.”

Dan Lambert talks to

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