According to Ricardo Ramos, he missed weight by 8 pounds and his UFC Las Vegas fight got cancelled due to an injury he sustained during his training camp

After an 8-pound weight miss, one of the biggest in UFC history, Brazilian featherweight Ricardo Ramos has taken to Instagram to explain himself and cite a training camp injury.

The mishap caused the cancellation of his fight against Austin Lingo at UFC Las Vegas, as officials announced shortly after the weigh-in. Ramos expressed regret and apologized to the UFC, his opponent, and the fans for the incident.

Lingo, on the other hand, wished Ramos a speedy recovery and confirmed that he is ready to fight. This was supposed to be Ramos’ first fight of the year, following a win in his sole appearance in 2022 at UFC Austin, where he knocked out Danny Chavez in the first round.

Since moving up to featherweight from bantamweight in 2019, Ramos has gone 3-2, with Friday being his first time missing weight for a 145-pound bout.

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