Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira promises to pursue Beneil Dariush persistently during UFC 288 as he intensely desires it.

Charles Oliveira is preparing for his next UFC fight with Beneil Dariush where he believe win away from facing Islam Makhachev for the lightweight title. Oliveira is determined to win and nothing will stand in his way. He plans to walk forward the entire time and hunt down his opponent, regardless of whether the win comes through a knockout, submission, or decision.

Oliveira acknowledges that both he and Dariush have versatile fighting styles and have both won and lost by knockout and submission. However, Oliveira is confident in his hunger to win and believes that is what sets him apart from his opponent.

Dariush had hoped to face Oliveira earlier this year, but Oliveira had to wait for the timing to be right for him. Oliveira believes that Dariush knows what he needs to do to defeat him and become the next title contender, but Oliveira is not going to make it easy for him.

Oliveira and Dariush were initially supposed to fight in October 2020, but Oliveira had to pull out due to personal reasons. Oliveira has since returned and is determined to win the fight against Dariush.

Oliveira acknowledges that Dariush has evolved as fighter and has great wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and striking. He fights well in his strategy and has a coach who deserves the utmost respect in Rafael Cordeiro. Oliveira knows he has to be alert and stay true to his own style by being himself, walking forward, and hunting the entire time. Oliveira is determined to prove himself and become the champion once again.


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