Marlon Moraes admits fault for recent knockout defeats and pledges continued competitiveness

As the 2023 PFL season begins this Saturday, Marlon Moraes is ready to start fresh. Once considered an elite bantamweight and a former UFC title challenger, Moraes has faced five consecutive losses in recent years, with his last win coming in a split decision against Jose Aldo in 2019. These losses have raised questions around his long-term health and ability to take a punch, as he has suffered five consecutive knockouts in this time. However, Moraes remains confident that he has not lost his edge, and maintains that his overall health has never been better since moving up to featherweight.

Reflecting on his debut in the PFL, Moraes admits to making cardinal mistakes and was reminded of the importance of not trading punches in the ring. His focus was on grappling and dominating his opponent, which resulted in him getting caught off-guard. Despite the setback, Moraes has moved forward and is excited to put on a great performance in his upcoming fight.

Regarding his last loss, Moraes takes full responsibility for his mistake, but wishes the referee had given him more time to recover rather than stopping the fight. Despite this, Moraes acknowledges his opponent’s victory and does not wish to take away from it. He also points out that other fighters have been dropped multiple times in a single fight and were not given extra time to recover.

Moraes’ next fight is against Brandon Loughnane, the 2022 featherweight champion, who many believe will be a challenging opponent for Moraes, given his current form. However, Moraes sees this as an opportunity to prove his worth and show everyone that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

Overall, Moraes is hungry for a win and determined not to make any mistakes in his upcoming fight. He sees this as a chance to turn things around and get back on track, and is confident that he has the tools necessary to defeat any opponent. Despite the doubts and questions around his recent performances, Moraes remains optimistic and believes that he has plenty of good performances left in him.


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