Lee Murray’s situation in a Moroccan prison is dire and requires urgent intervention for his release, according to advocates

Lee Murray, a former MMA fighter, has become known for his role in one of the largest cash heists in history. A new documentary, Catching Lightning, is set to debut on April 7, telling the story of Murray’s career, infamous street fight with UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz, lone bout in the UFC, road rage incident, and the 2006 bank heist that led to his 25-year sentence in prison.

Director Pat Kondelis promises that the film includes a detailed look at the Securitas depot robbery, including interviews with hostages and police involved in the investigation. The film also features voice recordings from Murray, the first time his voice has been heard in over a decade. Kondelis considers Murray a “mythical figure” and wanted to provide a three-dimensional look at the former fighter.

Kondelis acknowledges that Murray committed a crime and deserved to be punished, but questions the length of his sentence and conditions in the Moroccan prison where he’s held. Despite Murray’s extensive criminal history, Kondelis believes he’s paid a heavier price than others involved in the Securitas heist and that keeping him in prison any longer won’t serve a purpose.

The documentary also delves into the turning point in Murray’s combat sports career. He was denied entry to the US after a road rage incident that he was tried for and ultimately dropped. Kondelis believes that moment changed the trajectory of Murray’s life and may have led to the bank heist.

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