Alex Pereira responds to Israel Adesanya mocking his son after UFC 287 knockout, stating he wouldn’t behave similarly

In a highly anticipated rematch, Israel Adesanya emerged victorious over longtime rival Alex Pereira at UFC 287, and reclaimed the middleweight championship. Adesanya’s celebrations in the cage included shooting arrows at Pereira and mocking his opponent’s son, which Pereira’s son witnessed cageside.

Adesanya mimicked the same celebration that Pereira’s son did several years ago in Brazil after his father’s victory. He explained that he teases his rival but would not wish to hurt a child’s feelings. Pereira and Adesanya had a respectful conversation backstage and Adesanya mentioned having a desire to fly to Brazil to train with Pereira to learn his kicks.

Pereira responded positively and said he is open to meeting in the future. Though the result of the fight is now 1-1 in the UFC, with Pereira being 2-0 under kickboxing rules, Pereira vowed to come back stronger than ever.


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