Salt Papi believes that influencer boxers like Jake Paul and KSI are wise to avoid fighting him since they must be afraid

Salt Papi is facing challenges finding opponents in the burgeoning influencer boxing scene, as Jake Paul and KSI dominate the space. Despite his impressive performance, defeating former MMA fighter Josh Brueckner with a devastating left hand in January, Nathaniel Bustamante, or Salt Papi, is struggling to secure fights.

Ryan Garcia and Sunny Edwards have commended his fighting skills and suggested he has the potential to become a professional boxer. However, with nobody willing to face him, Papi has chosen to fight former MMA fighter Anthony Taylor in his next bout under the Misfits Boxing banner. Should he win, he hopes that influencers like KSI, Jake Paul, or Tommy Fury will eventually come around to the idea of fighting him.

When ranking the top influencer boxers, Papi identifies Jake Paul as the top pick and KSI as second. While he admits he may lose if he fought either now, he is confident that he will eventually get his chance to face them. He notes that when that day comes, they will not be able to charge at him and will need to be cautious.

Once his boxing career is over, Papi hopes to push into MMA and challenge himself in that space. His immediate focus is on keeping fit, having fun, and making as much money as possible while he is healthy. He believes that influencers don’t want to risk fighting him because of his knockout-punching power.


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