Jessica Andrade, Yan Xiaonan

After a quick first-round knockout against Jessica Andrade, Yan Xiaonan expressed interest in fighting Zhang Weili at UFC 288

At UFC 288, Yan Xiaonan delivered a stunning first-round knockout to become a potential strawweight title contender. Her performance was nothing short of striking as she dominated the fight with pinpoint accuracy and timed combinations, keeping Andrade on her feet the entire time.

Andrade tried to get more aggressive, but Yan’s massive right hand-strike was too much for the Brazilian to handle, and she was knocked down to the canvas. Several hammerfists followed until the referee eventually stepped in to stop the fight for Andrade’s own safety.

Speaking about her victory, Yan said, “This is the happiest moment since I got in the UFC. This is what we practiced for the fight camp. This is what they told me (to do).” Yan now has two back-to-back victories, and her remarkable performance potentially sets her up for an encounter with the reigning strawweight champion, Zhang Weili.

The opening round was thrilling with both fighters showing impressive strength and technique as they stood and traded blows. However, Yan edged Andrade with measured and well-executed shots. Despite Andrade’s eagerness to step up the fight, Yan repeatedly landed blows, demonstrating discipline in her game plan.

When Andrade finally decided to change tactics and attacked Yan head-on, it was a costly mistake. Yan capitalized on the opportunity, stepping back to generate momentum and deliver the hook that ended the fight. Her performance was remarkable, showcasing her skills and confirming her position as a strong title contender.

Looking ahead, Yan is eager to take on Zhang, and with both fighters representing China, it would be an outstanding show the world can enjoy. Speaking to Dana White, she stated that both fighters could represent their country at the highest level of the sport and hoped that the organizers would make it happen.

In conclusion, Yan Xiaonan’s performance in the UFC 288 was impressive, and her victory has put her on the map as a formidable strawweight contender. Her discipline, technique, and skill-set were on full display, demonstrating her potential to take on the reigning champion successfully.


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