UFC can expect a significant shift in their landscape due to Francis Ngannou’s upcoming move, according to Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya believes that Francis Ngannou’s recent signing with the PFL could be a game-changer for the MMA industry. The deal not only includes a substantial financial package but also equity in the company, a role on the PFL board of directors, a role as the chairman of PFL Africa, and the right to pursue his own sponsors and box. Additionally, Ngannou secured a guaranteed purse of $2 million for each of his PFL opponents.

Adesanya, a longtime friend of Ngannou’s, is thrilled with the news and believes that the guaranteed purse for opponents could draw other fighters to the PFL to fight Ngannou, ultimately forcing change in the industry. Adesanya also defended Ngannou’s decision to leave the UFC, expressing his belief that the way the industry does business needs to change and that it will change.

While Adesanya is happy with the UFC overall, he has spoken out against practices that he disagrees with, such as low payment and support for new fighters. The ripple effect of Ngannou’s deal could cause significant changes in the industry, forcing the UFC to adapt.


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