Yoel Romero turns millionaire! $27.4M in lawsuit!

Yoel ‘Soldier of God’ Romero just hit the jackpot.  He was under investigation by USADA in January 2016 that led to a six-month suspension due to tainted supplement use.

Romero filed a lawsuit against the company that provided him with the supplement.

ESPN’s Ariel Helwani recently reported that Yoel Romero has won the case against the supplement company and is now a millionaire!

Here’s what Ariel Helwani said:

“Yoel Romero, as I reported a few weeks ago, was suing Gold Star Performance Products for that failed drug test that he had several years ago. It ended up coming out as a contaminated supplement. I was told by his manager, Abraham Kawa that in New Jersey earlier today they won their case against Gold Star Performance Products and this is what he wrote to me, ‘$27.45M is the total Yoel was awarded. $3M for lost wages, $3M for reputable harm, $3M for emotional damage. Multiply that times three for the state of New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.”

“So $27.45M was just awarded to Yoel Romero. And that courtesy of Abraham Kawa and his lawyer Howard Jacobs who’s one of the best when it comes to these kinds of cases. I just asked him a follow-up question; if Yoel actually gets all that money. He just wrote ‘Yes, minus legal fees.’”

Ariel Helwani on The Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Romero’s manager Abraham Kawa shared on twitter that:

“The money is secondary to clearing Yoel Romero’s name.”

Abraham Kawa on Twitter