Jorge Masvidal aims for Nate Diaz fight after Ben Askren

As the UFC 235 looks imminent, a report came in that Nick Diaz would potentially make a return to the Octagon to take on Jorge Masvidal.

However, 34-year old Masvidal insisted he has no contract yet on the table and no fight has happened.”Gamebred” has fought and knocked out Darren Till back in March but he is ready to take on retired American mixed martial artist and promoter Diaz.

Currently, Masvidal will be against Ben Askren at UFC 239 in a fight that could earn the Miami born fighter a title shot.

Despite that the stakes on the fight against Askren are high, Masvidal is already considering a challenge against Diaz.

“Oh I definitely would love to, man, Nate’s a warrior, he’s going to get in there and fight, you know, there’s no question about it, he’s going to just fight,” Masvidal said on Radio. “I haven’t done my homework, is [Nate] a 170-pounder or is he doing this because Pettis is just a ’55er and … and they both just agreed to fight at ’70 and not cut the weight so they could give it all in the fight night and both of them just go in there and give it what they got in the fight instead of cutting weight? I don’t know if Nate is a long time ‘70-pounder now or what’s happening. But if he is, if he’s staying at ‘70 and that fight gets offered me, I’d love to fight Nate.”

Masvidal is not giving up on fighting any opponent currently and Diaz will not give him any sleepless night as he hopes to see a Fight of the Year. He is interestingly looking for a contender who will put on a fun fight.

“I’d love to fight anybody that’s worth fighting man, that wants to fight, that wants to put on a great show and that’s a great competitor,” he said. “Not just somebody just calls my name out and they’re like, ‘I can beat Masvidal’ and the guy is not even in the f**king top-10. Get the f**k out of here, go put your f**king dues in man. Before you starting naming off people.

“We see it so much in the division. I don’t want to mention the other guys that do it, but they talk about these super fights. Motherf**ker you haven’t even won in your division a big fight and you’re just calling out people. Legends in the sport,” Masvidal continued. “What the f**k is wrong with you man? You know, go put in your f**king work, put your hard hat on, put your mouthpiece on, get to work, you know, stand out from your division and call me out…”

The two fighters are already booked, but Masvidal would not mind having the fight with his most-anticipated opponent  come sooner than it is expected.


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