The NAC states that there is a lack of definitive video proof to support an illegal groin hit on Jamie Pickett during his defeat to Bo Nickal at UFC 285

After reviewing the footage, the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) could not confirm an illegal groin strike in the fight between Jamie Pickett and Bo Nickal at UFC 285. Pickett’s representative, LaMont Chappell, spoke with the NAC and is still undecided on appealing the result. The NAC’s Executive Director, Jeff Mullen, confirmed that Pickett is free to appeal, but stated that there was no clear evidence of an illegal strike from the footage provided. Mullen added that a review official cannot overturn the decision of an in-cage referee without solid evidence.

Under normal circumstances, the NAC can only overturn a result if there was evidence of collusion, a scoring error, or a misapplication of the rules. In Pickett’s case, he alleged that Nickal delivered an illegal knee strike to his groin, which the referee failed to notice. However, Nickal denied the allegations and the NAC could not find conclusive evidence.

In an interview with Middle Easy, Pickett expressed his disappointment with the NAC’s handling of the situation, but he also acknowledged that Nickal was the better fighter that night. Although he initially planned to contest the result, Pickett has not yet decided whether to file an appeal.

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