Christian Rodriguez dominates young prospect Raul Rosas Jr. at UFC 287, handing him his first loss

Christian Rodriguez’s dominant performance against Raul Rosas Jr. at UFC 287 marked him as a rising prospect in the bantamweight division. Despite Rosas’s strong start, Rodriguez proved to be the more skilled fighter, defending against submission attempts and delivering punishing strikes throughout the final two rounds. The judges agreed, awarding Rodriguez a unanimous decision victory with scores of 29-28.

Despite the loss, Rosas’s potential as a fighter was not lost on Rodriguez, who praised his opponent’s skill set and apologized for coming in slightly overweight for the bout. Rodriguez credited his success to his training with a top team in the sport and expressed hope that fans would continue to follow his journey.

The fight was a showcase of Rodriguez’s impressive abilities, particularly his ability to resist and counter Rosas’s submission attempts. In the second round, Rodriguez was able to reverse positions and land devastating strikes, while Rosas began to look fatigued and lose momentum.

Rodriguez took advantage, taking Rosas’s back and delivering heavy blows until the final horn sounded. Although Rosas had been the fighter with the hype leading up to the fight, it was Rodriguez who emerged victorious, solidifying his place as a fighter to watch in the division.


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