UFC president Dana White is angered by Clay Guida’s fake retirement stunt to secure a post-fight interview at UFC Kansas City

Clay Guida’s removal of his gloves after his defeat in a lopsided decision to Rafa Garcia at the UFC Kansas City main card led spectators to believe he was going to retire. However, when he stayed in the cage during Garcia’s interview and allowed Daniel Cormier to approach him, it became evident that he had different intentions.

Guida informed Cormier that he was “tricking” everybody and had no plans of retiring, unlike what the audience had assumed. Guida then congratulated Garcia and requested to trade gloves with him. The veteran fighter also passed along several birthday wishes, including one to his mother, who had come to watch him fight.

Although Guida’s sweet gesture to his mother was heartwarming, it didn’t go down well with UFC president Dana White, who was displeased that Guida had falsified his retirement for an interview. White revealed that he liked Guida but was happy with Algeo, who had a similar stunt after beating T.J. Brown with a rear-naked choke submission in his Fight of the Night performance.

Algeo used the opportunity to slight Kansas City Chiefs fans after losing to them in the Super Bowl. However, unlike Guida, Algeo could afford to play around as he already had been given a post-fight interview.

White expressed his disappointment in Guida and Algeo’s behaviour, noting that they had hijacked the event and left him unhappy. He pointed out that it was a live event and their actions could lead to repercussions. White took issue with Guida’s actions, stating that he was faking retirement to deliver a happy birthday message, which he found inappropriate.

While Guida’s good intentions were visible for everyone to see, his ruse did not go down well with the UFC president, who believed the fighter had taken advantage of the situation to secure a spot for himself. While White appreciated Guida’s skills as a fighter, he found his behaviour unacceptable, especially as they had an excellent working relationship.


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