Professional fighter Mike Perry responds to Diaz’s street brawl, stating that some individuals tend to underestimate fighters and assume they cannot defend themselves

Nate Diaz has made headlines for his recent involvement in a couple of altercations outside of the UFC cage. Attending his friend and teammate Chris Avila’s match, Diaz threw a water bottle at reality TV star Chase DeMoor, which resulted in a security-ridden brawl. Later, Diaz got into a street fight with Rodney Peterson, whom he choked out and dropped on the floor, causing Peterson to bleed from his head.

It led to the New Orleans police issuing an arrest warrant for Diaz. While there’s no clear indication of what sparked the incidents, videos showed Peterson approaching Diaz with his hands up before the UFC veteran put him in a submission hold. DeMoor, who had earlier been disqualified from his boxing match, viewed Diaz as “soft” and claimed that he drew no satisfaction from their encounter. Nonetheless, Diaz’s actions did not surprise BKFC star Mike Perry, nor did they elicit condemnation from him.

Having experienced similar situations himself, he understood the impulse for confrontation but did not advocate it. Perry believes that Diaz’s mindset typifies the spirit of fighters who seek out challenges, and he plans to bring that same aggression to his upcoming match against Luke Rockhold. To him, it’s more than a professional encounter – it’s a do-or-die situation that requires a focus on technique and strategy, even as the match simulates a Saturday night street fight fueled by a few shots of tequila.


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