Conor McGregor triumphantly announces $5.1 million victory in lawsuit against Manny Pacquiao and issues warning to Artem Lobov

Conor McGregor and his legal team have emerged victorious in a legal dispute against Manny Pacquiao. The court has ruled that Pacquiao is in breach of contract due to the collapse of recent bout negotiations. As a result, Paradigm Sports, the agency that represents McGregor, has been awarded $5.1 million in damages, and Pacquiao has been ordered to pay over $2 million in attorney fees.

Reacting to the news, McGregor has referred to the ruling, threatening his former friend and foe, Artem Lobov, whom he is also facing in legal proceedings. Lobov had attempted to prevent McGregor from disparaging him on social media, but a judge has denied him an injunction.

The two were once close, with McGregor helping to advance Lobov’s career, but now they find themselves involved in legal disputes with each other. As for Pacquiao, the legendary fighter still owes the damages, and McGregor acknowledges his talent, but suggests that he ought to pay up.


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