Jorge Masvidal predicts Gilbert Burns and Belal Muhammad will have a high stakes fight at UFC 288 while dismissing the chances of Colby Covington

Highly skilled MMA fighter Jorge Masvidal has paid due respect to his worthy opponents Gilbert Burns and Belal Muhammad, who are set to face off against each other at UFC 288. Masvidal raised the point that their willingness to compete against one another is what contributes to MMA’s dynamic reputation as a sport with true fighter spirit.

Burns recently defeated Masvidal in the final fight of his career at UFC 287 in April, and the fighter is already looking to cement his position as a top contender, fresh off his victory. Muhammad, on the other hand, has agreed to fight on short notice, hoping to prove himself as a top welterweight fighter and challenge for the title in the future. Asked to predict the outcome of the fight, Masvidal is anticipating an evenly-matched fight that could go either way.

Muhammad may have the upper hand in the grappling department due to his superior cardio, but Burns has exceptional power and a range of strikes that could give him the edge. Additionally, while Muhammad’s footwork is better, it’s unclear whether he’ll attempt to take the fight to the ground since Burns is no slouch in this department, either. Ultimately, Masvidal believes that Burns will come out on top, however he notes that the outcome of the fight remains to be seen.

As for UFC President Dana White’s intention to pit current champion Leon Edwards against Colby Covington in a future title fight, Masvidal is openly dismissive of this prospect. Having established a history with Covington, he believes that the controversial fighter will not be granted a shot at the title. Despite White’s vocal support for the match – and is due to receive his comeuppance for his attitude in and out of the ring.


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