Matt Frevola plans to show Paddy Pimblett a bit of humble pie when they meet in the octagon

On the eve of his highly anticipated UFC 288 showdown with Drew Dober, the skilled and dynamic UFC lightweight Matt Frevola provided valuable insights into his preparation and strategy. During the media day leading up to the pay-per-view event at the renowned Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Frevola discussed his desire to humble Paddy Pimblett, his “lucky” shirt that has brought him much-needed luck in past fights, and closely watched teammate Aljamain Sterling’s upcoming title fight opposite the formidable Henry Cejudo.

Frevola spoke in great detail about his intense focus on training and preparation, highlighting the importance of mental and physical preparation in his combat sport. He revealed that he is excited to take on a skilled opponent like Drew Dober and is confident in his ability to come out victorious.

Frevola’s witty and humorous side as the fighter talked about his plans to serve humble pie to Paddy Pimblett, a fellow fighter known for his arrogance and bravado. Frevola indicated that he is eager to prove that skill and hard work trump overconfidence and arrogance any day.

Furthermore, Frevola spoke candidly about his lucky charm, a shirt that he wears during every fight. The shirt, which Frevola affectionately referred to as his “lucky” Ray Longo shirt, has brought him much-needed luck in the past and he intends to wear it again for his UFC 288 matchup. Frevola’s superstitions without making him appear strange or odd to readers.

Finally, Frevola’s unwavering support for his teammate Aljamain Sterling, who is set to compete in a highly-anticipated title fight with Henry Cejudo. Frevola spoke glowingly about Sterling’s preparation and dedication to the sport, expressing his utmost confidence in Sterling’s ability to emerge victorious.


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