According to Cody Stamann, the bantamweight division is where the most exceptional fighters reside

Cody Stamann is a seasoned UFC veteran who believes that bantamweight is the toughest weight class in MMA. With nine fights under his belt in that division, he knows firsthand how difficult it is to even make it into the top 15 rankings. Stamann feels that the real fans of the sport recognize the talent of the bantamweight fighters, making it the most skilled division in fighting.

Stamann also believes that featherweight and flyweight are highly talented divisions. On the other hand, lightweight doesn’t excite him as much from a technical perspective. Even though it has a lot of renowned fighters, he feels that it’s been surviving more on name value lately rather than still being the prime division in the UFC.

Stamann points out that bantamweight has gotten the recognition it deserves lately, with several pay-per-view main events featuring 135-pound fighters and Aljamain Sterling headlining his first pay-per-view in a fight against Henry Cejudo. He feels that the level of competition in bantamweight has always been high, but the name notoriety was lacking compared to other divisions.

Conor McGregor, for instance, changed everything for the lightweights. Stamann hopes to headline cards soon he feels like he’s found his groove in his last two fights, putting an end to a losing streak that he blames on personal issues that he had to cope with.

Looking back, Stamann admits he made a mistake by letting his ego steer him in the wrong direction. When he first started fighting in the UFC, he underestimated the level of talent required to succeed at the top level. Now that he has gained experience, he feels confident in his ability to make it to the top of his division.

In preparation for his fight against Douglas Silva de Andrade at UFC Charlotte on Saturday, Stamann has adopted a smarter and more conservative approach. He doesn’t want to repeat his past mistakes and is determined to give it his all in the octagon.


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