Video: Mario Bautista executes a suplex on Guido Cannetti and secures the win with a rear-naked choke

Mario Bautista secured his third consecutive first-round finish by submitting Guido Cannetti during the main card at UFC Las Vegas on Saturday.

Bautista dominated the grappling exchanges throughout the fight and pulled off a huge suplex that sent the bantamweights crashing to the canvas. Cannetti momentarily looked up after the slam, giving Bautista the opportunity to lock in a rear-naked choke and secure the tap at 3:18 in the opening round.

Bautista called out a ranked opponent or a former UFC champion for his next appearance, stating that he is not there to play games but to reach the top. He also acknowledged that he took Cannetti seriously and was ready for the fight.

Cannetti started strong by throwing heavy punches, but Bautista closed the distance and frustrated him with takedowns and grappling exchanges. Despite nearly locking in a rear-naked choke at one point, Bautista eventually lifted Cannetti into the air and brought him back down to the canvas with a body lock. Cannetti’s brief loss of focus gave Bautista the opportunity to secure the choke and finish the fight.

With this victory, Bautista’s UFC record improves to 6-2, including a four-fight win streak. He hopes to face tougher competition in the future.

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