Professional reactions to Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz bout; expectation of tears for Nate’s fans if Jake wins

It has been confirmed that Jake Paul and Nate Diaz will face off in a boxing match at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on August 5th. Diaz left UFC in September last year, and the potential for a boxing match between the two has been heavily speculated since.

The upcoming fight has prompted a variety of reactions from not only fans but famous faces in the fighting world as well. For instance, Sean Strickland does not seem enthused, criticising the contest as a “clown show” and asserting that the “influencer boxing phenomenon NEEDS TO DIE.”

Meanwhile, Sean O’Malley is “hyped” about the scheduled fight. Diaz is known for having a sizeable following, which is dedicated and passionate, and this appeal has made several excited for the upcoming match. However, others are sceptical, such as Paul Redmond, and are questioning how many real boxers Paul has fought.

Regardless of the intensity of the reactions, the match will undoubtedly generate a lot of excitement, with people eagerly anticipating the press conference and trash talk.


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