Kelvin Gastelum reveals comeback to welterweight division, aiming to attain a chiseled physique

Kelvin Gastelum has announced his intention to drop down to welterweight after a long stint at middleweight. Gastelum confirmed the news on Thursday, stating his ambition to get “shredded” and make another title run in the 170-pound weight division. Having secured five wins during his time in the middleweight division, Gastelum is well-equipped for this move and hopes that his previous weight issues will not hinder him in his quest for success.

Indeed, the 31-year-old believes he is now “older, more mature and smarter” than earlier in his career, and as such, has the mindset to make a return to welterweight and make it count. Gastelum’s initial success at welterweight bodes well for his comeback, having won his first four fights at 170, only losing against Tyron Woodley in 2015.

It seems Gastelum is eager to put that defeat behind him and make an impact in his desired weight class, now that he has made the decision to do so. He sees his return to welterweight as a “second chance” and a “rennaissance” in his career.

Time will tell whether Gastelum can make his mark and achieve his ambition of another title run at welterweight, but his dedication and drive make it clear that he is a fighter to watch in the coming months.


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